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    Ideas to guide, inspire and shine more than a little light on ways to support authentic, student-centred learning journeys.


Since the PebblePad resource pot is full to the brim of useful content, use the filters below to sift through the pedagogical goodness. Alternatively, if you'd rather jump straight in, you'll find a collection of some of our latest and most popular resources waiting for you below.

Case Study
STEM and Digital Template - 5 star - NF
This resource not feature on the STEM subject area list. This is THE MOST RECENTLY EDITED 5 star resource.
Healthcare and Digital Templates resource - 3 star - NF
This feature is not included in the subject order list. THIS IS THE MOST RECENTLY EDITED 3 star RESOURCE
Healthcare and digital templates - 4 star - NF
This does not appear on subject order. THIS IS THE MOST RECENTLY EDITED 4 star resource ***
Case Study
Healthcare and digital templates - 2 star - NF
This is non featured and does not appear in subject order list
Stem and digital templates - 4 star - NF
Subject order Not applicable